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How To Get Help For A FTB 2227 Notice

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Why You Received A FTB 2227 Notice

California’s FTB 2227 is when somebody has tax debt owed to a court and fails to make the payment, it transforms into court-ordered debt.

To ensure the satisfaction of the court-ordered debt, the FTB may employ various methods, such as garnishing money directly from your paycheck or bank account. 

Court-ordered debts encompass a wide range of debts such as unpaid traffic tickets, victim compensation, probation-related fees, and other court-imposed charges.

Common Court-ordered Debts

  • Unpaid traffic tickets
  • Victim compensation
  • Probation
  • Other court fees.

Ways On How To Get Help

1. What Individuals Need To Do

It is crucial to understand that court-ordered debt carries legal weight, and failure to comply with the payment requirements may lead to further consequences.

If you have any concerns regarding the debt mentioned in the notice, have evidence of payment, or need clarification on any other matters, reach out to the court or county specified in the notice sent to you.

You should contact the FTB for your FTB 2227 notice only when your garnishment or levy is giving you a hard time or if you think the notice was wrongfully sent to you. You can also reach out to them when you want a representative on board.

2. What Employers Need To Do

If you encounter any of the following situations, get in touch with the FTB:

  1. The social security number mentioned on the notice does not match that of your employee.
  2. If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding wage garnishment.
  3. In case there are any missing garnishment payments (after 60 days from the mail date).

If you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to Priority Tax Relief for assistance without hesitation.

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